Antique Restoration Antique Restoration

Antique restoration remains one of our most time honored and rewarding accomplishments. Our goal is to return your cherished antique to as near original as possible while maintaining its natural beauty and integrity. Depending on your wishes, our quality craftsmen have the ability to disassemble to a bare frame and return the piece to its original luster by reinforcing the joints and frame corners.

Once properly reinforced, we move to the inner construction, using the original or authentic style springs combined with original style padding of the era. No modern foam rubber or simulated stuffing is used in this process to restore quality comfort and years of reliable service to your classic furniture. All exposed woodwork is refinished to its original patina to reveal the true beauty of your cherished timepiece.

Ralph and Robert Swales will personally meet with you to assist with fabric selections that enhance the beauty and the period of your cherished relic. As with all restored furniture, Swales Styleline Upholstery is honored to provide you with before, during and after pictures for you to share the experience of your furniture's transformation.